Profile of the juridical studio

During more than twelve years ago of professional ministry, I have adquired solid knowledge and experience in different juridical contours, so that It has permitted me to reach a recognized prestige in the court of justice, at the university and in the civil society. Due to important trials won,I have developed a new concept at the legal advice, where not only one must find fast and legal solutions but also secure, appropiate and assertive ones, that represent to my clients;which have trust in my capacity,to get good solutions to their interests without unnecessary delays, because of the new demands of the globalization. Everything has been possible thanks to my preparation and disciplined performance and to the human equipment that is closed to me, which has been trained in my Juridical Bureau during years,for giving solutions to all kind of juridical problems.The legal advices offered in my Juridical Bureau,contain all type of matter that can be concerned to a client,so that this new concept can give an integral advice, from Tributary subjects to familiar ones, at any area of interest or juridical importance.



Corte de apelaciones de Antofagasta

Nuestro estudio jurídico es socio del Instituto Chileno de Derecho tributario.

El ICHDT es socio del Instituto latinoamericano de derecho tributario.

El abogado Osvaldo Flores realiza magister en dicha casa de estudios - Universidad de Chile

Centro de Estudios Tributarios.

Realizo magister en derecho constitucional en dicha casa de estudios

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es licenciado en ciencias jurídicas de la Universidad de Valparaíso.

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es postgraduado de dicha casa de estudios.

Universidad de Salamanca.

Nuestro fundador es postgraduado de dicha universidad.