Osvaldo Flores Olivarez

Licensed in juridical and social sciences university of Valparaiso )ex-university of chile in Valparaiso)in the year 1995.he obtained his lawyer's title granted by the most excellent supreme court of chile in the year 1997.he was a chief of the corporation of judicial assistance of Tarapaca region between the years 1997 and 1999. between the years 1998 and 2008 he has taken part in numerous diplomacies, seminars and congresses in differnt areas of juridical relevancy such as:civil law,criminal law,tax law,association right,globalization and integration. he realized his studies of post-degree and magister in taxation among the years 1999 and 2001. nowadays, he is graduated of magister in political science. he has been a university titular teacher among the years 2003and 2008 in the following professorships, not only in pre-degree but also in post-degree and magister:legal aspects of the company, law 1, analysis of other taxes, tributary audit, commercial law, tributary code, tax law, taxation 1,and civil law, in the law, audit and engineering careers. he aproved examination of competence and penal knowledge of the penal defense in the year 2006. he was a penal defender bid from tarapaca region in the year 2007. he has been the lawyer and adviser in important institutios and companies in this zone which include particular colleges, unions, communities, societies, constructions, state agencies, foundations and very important holdings. actually, he prefers the "free exercise" of the profession in the civil, penal, tributary, commercial, familiar and labor areas..




Nuestro estudio jurídico es socio del Instituto Chileno de Derecho tributario.

El ICHDT es socio del Instituto latinoamericano de derecho tributario.

El abogado Osvaldo Flores realiza magister en dicha casa de estudios - Universidad de Chile

Centro de Estudios Tributarios.

Realizo magister en derecho constitucional en dicha casa de estudios

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es licenciado en ciencias jurídicas de la Universidad de Valparaíso.

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es postgraduado de dicha casa de estudios.

Universidad de Salamanca.

Nuestro fundador es postgraduado de dicha universidad.