Tributary area

The experience was able ,when we got a favorable judgement about"iva" in the construction  of duty-free zone, up to the recently  favorable obtainment judgement in the penal  of the article 97 n 25 of the tributary code. The previous detail and news can be find in seeker osvaldo flores lawyer. The university teaching in wide tributary topics, as well as the training through postdegree studies in taxation matters,allow to deliver a solid integral advising our juridical studio not only offers tributary defenses but also it gives advising in the  planning and legal tributary audit.



Caleta Iquique

Nuestro estudio jurídico es socio del Instituto Chileno de Derecho tributario.

El ICHDT es socio del Instituto latinoamericano de derecho tributario.

El abogado Osvaldo Flores realiza magister en dicha casa de estudios - Universidad de Chile

Centro de Estudios Tributarios.

Realizo magister en derecho constitucional en dicha casa de estudios

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es licenciado en ciencias jurídicas de la Universidad de Valparaíso.

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es postgraduado de dicha casa de estudios.

Universidad de Salamanca.

Nuestro fundador es postgraduado de dicha universidad.