Labor area

The juridical studio in this area has developed defenses for the workers  with ideal results, the advising also has been an important factor going to  ngo  and labor inions. Our juridical studio also represents managerial ssocieties  and holding companies too, in laboral  corporate defenses. Beside, the advising in this matter includes the managerial  and tributary  planning,indispensable matters  of knowledge, in the moment to take global decisions in the labor area,due to  the communion that exists between these matters of interest.



Teatro Municipal

Nuestro estudio jurídico es socio del Instituto Chileno de Derecho tributario.

El ICHDT es socio del Instituto latinoamericano de derecho tributario.

El abogado Osvaldo Flores realiza magister en dicha casa de estudios - Universidad de Chile

Centro de Estudios Tributarios.

Realizo magister en derecho constitucional en dicha casa de estudios

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es licenciado en ciencias jurídicas de la Universidad de Valparaíso.

El Sr. Osvaldo Flores es postgraduado de dicha casa de estudios.

Universidad de Salamanca.

Nuestro fundador es postgraduado de dicha universidad.